Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Leseempfehlung: das westliche Eigenbild und der Fortschritt

Dare we hope that the alternate narrative, now largely unknown, unheard, and disregarded, might soon become dominant? Systemic crisis might open the door. If so, what remains of the West may find a solid postmodern footing in the framework the alternate narrative offers. That framework in no way rejects reason, science, or modernity’s mastery of nature. (Some neo-pagan postmodern views, such as Deep Green environmentalism, reject all three.) Rather, it calls for reason to join again with faith on the model offered by our Medieval ancestors and build anew a splendid Western civilization.
Woraus die "alternate narrative" nach Meinung des Verfassers besteht, kann man in diesem spannenden Text nachlesen.